Half Wing Games is an independent board games publisher, run by games designer, Chris 'Shep' Shepperson.

Shep loves playing games. A lot. Shep spends most of his life thinking about games. Shep decided it was time to actually make some games.

Half Wing Games has one focus - to create and develop games that we want to play, that we love to play and that we want to keep playing. We are not bound by genre or style and we don't 'specialise' in this or that; we just concentrate on putting out titles that we think are totally awesome/gorgeous/fun/enter other suitably cool word.

We genuinely hope you love our games as much as we loved making them. If you do, then please get in touch and tell us. If you don't, get in touch anyway and tell us why so we can do better next time.

In the few moments that Shep isn't doing 'game stuff', he produces music for his 'band' WRISTS, does occasional work as an audio mastering engineer for other artists, practices Kendo (but not very well), and spends as much time with his 2 young boys as possible (unless they are being annoying, then he actively avoids them). Shep is also currently working towards qualifying as a Hypnotherapist.

If you have any questions about Half Wing Games, Shep, our titles or anything else you think we can help with, then please get in touch using our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as stop playing games.



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