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Hi all,

Just an initial post to introduce you all to Schism...

Schism Logo - Illustration and design by Jesùs Blones.

Schism Logo - Illustration and design by Jesùs Blones.

Schism is a fast paced 'collect or kill' skirmish game of celestial warfare for 2 to 6 players, which takes place over 2 separate boards sections, each mirroring the other, one representing 'Life' - the world as we know it, and 'The Other Side' - the celestial realm of angels and daemons. Players can travel between these boards, and interact with them in a range of ways, on their quest to either gather the largest army of followers, or slay their rivals in battle.

Schism originally came from the idea for a novel. One I have had for around 15 years, inspired by a number of movies and literature surrounding the genre of 'angels amongst men' - Something that has always captured my imagination (enough so for me to have huge wings tattooed down my back). I suspect it was my first play of In Nomine as a teenager many years ago that got me hooked on the concept. I eventually realised that I was never going to write this novel, but that the world which had slowly been growing in my head for years would make for an excellent game setting. So here we are...

The game has been in development for some time, revised, tested, tweaked, tested, tested, tweaked, tested, and finally polished, with the current version flowing great. The game has already been expanded to include FAQ's and a number of 'alternative game modes', both items which are often overlooked in a games creation. I also have many issues with other games rulebooks, particularly those which have been self published, and so there has been great care taken to produce a rules set which is as clear as possible, with fine details dealt with for those of you who love to find and exploit loopholes. My attention to detail is something I hope many gamers will appreciate when they play Schism for the first time. I spent a number of years working for Games Workshop at the HQ in Nottingham, UK, and whilst I was not directly dealing with game development, I did my fair share of proof reading, play testing, and feeding back to designers. I hope that experience will show in the work I produce (though don't worry, Schism is about as far from a GW title as you can get!) 

Over the coming weeks and months I will add more information here, including an insight into the artwork for the world of Schism, being created by the very talented Jesús Blones. the artwork is a very very important aspect to me, and where a large focus of this project lies. I have a clear image of how this world should look, and I'm excited to be able to bring it to life for you all.
I'll also be unveiling much more about the background and an insight into the rules and mechanics of the game as we go along.

Schism will be crowdfunded later this year, with details of the project appearing here. I have long had a dream of publishing games, and so Half Wing Games has been born for just that purpose!

Whats next?

I will soon be introducing you to the first of the characters of Schism, more artwork, and an insight to the games basics.

Thanks guys,

Big love,