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Hi All,

More artwork in. The item/event/stuff deck is all polished up. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the cards from the game:

Artwork and illustration by Jesùs Blones.

Artwork and illustration by Jesùs Blones.

The deck consists of 3 types of card - 

  • 'Play on table', which stay in effect unless removed using other cards (these are typically weapons/items/upgrades).
  • 'Instants', which are played for free in opposing players turns in response to specific events.
  • And general event cards which cover a whole range of actions and effects.

Each card has a specific cost, displayed at the bottom of the card, some cost you just the actions for the turn, and others also eat away at your humanity or celestial presence (your 'life force' in either realm).

Let me know your thoughts!

Next up - Some character art!