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Schism is a fast paced 'collect or kill' game of celestial warfare for 2-6 players.

Players take on the role of celestial beings, claiming Souls and influencing Believers, in an attempt to be the first to raise their very own army of the damned or legion of followers. Using grid-based movement over two different realms, Schism utilises an action-point system giving players access to a range of moves, options and abilities each turn, but decisions must be made carefully as some actions will cost you your life force and energy; lose too much and you may find yourself banished to one world or the next, edging you ever closer to the end of your existence. So, which path will you follow?

Action in Schism is spread over two separate board sections, one representing 'Life' - the world as we know it; and the other representing 'The Other Side' - the celestial world where the souls of the dead roam free. Players may travel freely between these worlds, or play an entire game in one of them, exploiting the resources available there and playing event/item cards to shape the way the game progresses.

Be the first player to collect 10 Souls/believers or be the last player standing to be declared the winner.

Lokarazi - The Watcher


There is a war that’s raging, a war between celestial beings living among us on earth. No one can be sure whether there’s a heaven or a hell, but we can be sure that there’s a divide - a divide that will separate us all. Some of them care for us, watch over us and protect us, while others corrupt, kill and manipulate. We assume they have always been here, but now they are making it known. The world as we know it has been changed forever. ‘Angels’ are revealing themselves, gathering followers and building an army of believers to defend against the threats that emerge from the darkness. ‘Daemons’ are stealing souls, building rank after rank of damned warriors, preparing to ravage and consume one realm or the next. These beings have begun tearing each other limb from limb, wielding weapons of fire & light, spreading their wings and exerting otherworldly powers. So, which way will you turn? Influence believers? Claim souls? Slaughter your opponents? Regain your humanity? You decide.

Game contents include:
1 Game Board
8 Character Cards
54 Cards
8 Player Pieces
24 Score Markers
25 Believer Pawns (white)
25 Soul Pawns (red)
2 D10 [10-Sided Die] (1 white, 1 red)
2 D6 [6-Sided Die] (whatever colour we had spare) 


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Schism, its design, rules, and contents are an original work by Chris ‘Shep’ Shepperson.

Illustration & graphic design: Jesùs Blones

Copyright © 2017 Half Wing Games.